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Vaginal Tightening

An enlarged vagina and the resulting decrease in pleasure from sexual intercourse lead to an unpleasant situation for both partners. However, women are more interested in vaginal tightening than men. In this context, the technique called laser vaginal tightening (LVT) meets such demands of women to a considerable extent.

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Genital Aesthetics

In the 21st century, when many things are no longer taboo, aesthetic problems related to the genital area are no longer concealed as they were in the past. Many people with deformities in the genital area or those who want a more aesthetic appearance consult us to overcome such problems.

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Genital Warts

Dry bumps that develop in the genital area due to HPV are called genital warts. Condyloma is the medical term for genital warts in the medical terminology. Genital wart is a very common infection mostly transmitted sexually and rarely otherwise.

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My dear friends! I deliver babies and perform surgical procedures at Medical Park Silivri and Medicana International Beylikduzu hospitals but my main place of work is my own clinic. You can reach me by phone at(0212) 728 63 61 or you can make an appointment on our website I’d like to thank you all for your intense interest, and to extend my love and respect.

Who is Dr. Eser AĞAR?

Vajinal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

If the laxity of the vagina is not too serious, we can perform a non-surgical tightening procedure with Radiofrequency. We tighten the vagina by making use of the heating and tightening effects of radiofrequency energy on the tissues. If the folds in the vagina have become flattened due to aging, we reconstruct the folded and curved structure of the vagina with radiofrequency energy again. However, if the laxity is too much, then we can tighten the vagina only by surgical intervention. This procedure can be performed under general or spinal anesthesia. We discharge our patients after having them stay in the hospital for one night. You can take a bath and return to work after resting at home for 2 to 3 days. In the recovery period of the suture sites, we advise our patients not to have sexual intercourse before the 40th day after surgery.


Pregnancy Follow Up

Obstetric Examination

Pregnancy is a very important period, in which a variety of examinations are performed in every phases from the beginning to the end, whereby the health of both mother and baby is monitored. All women are advised to apply for a check-up at least once before getting pregnant. Besides this, expectant mothers who realize that they are pregnant should immediately consult a physician to start their pregnancy follow-up. In our unit, expectant mothers are invited in certain periods for a variety of tests and examinations such as 4-dimensional ultrasonography, double test, nuchal translucency measurement (scan), triple test, quadruple test, Doppler USG and NST. Besides these, pregnant women are given training at certain dates and hours by specially trained nurses under the supervision of a physician.

He should be able to feel comfortable with your doctor, explain your problems clearly, enlighten you with the answers to the questions you ask, and help you as much as he can to make you comfortable during the examination. You will find all these features you are looking for in our clinic.


( Irregular period )

Period Delay

Periods that are not on the day that should be according to the normal menstrual order and are delayed are called menstrual delay. The most common reason for delayed menstruation in the fertile period is pregnancy. Menstruation may be delayed for some reasons other than pregnancy. Menstruation may be delayed due to reasons such as lack of ovulation, hormonal reasons, thyroid diseases, pituitary gland diseases, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome, intense stress, change of location, and climate change. Menstrual delays are common in women who have just started menstruation and in women approaching menopause, since there is no ovulation.

In the treatment of delayed menstruation, pregnancy and disease are excluded and menstruation is stopped with progesterone drugs.


Vacation During Pregnancy

Summer Vacation During Pregnancy

One of the most curious questions is whether pregnant women can enter the sea and the pool. Of course you can, but you have to pay attention to some rules.

If you are going on vacation, the food in the hotel you stay may not be suitable for your stomach. If you don't want your holiday to be poison, you should pay some attention to the food. Swimming in the sea is not harmful for pregnant women, and it is more recommended than swimming pools because sea water is generally considered cleaner than pool water. However, it should be noted that the beach where you will swim is a clean beach.

Vomiting During Pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting are common complaints in the first half of pregnancy. The severity of these complaints usually increases in the morning. For this reason, it is also known as morning sickness.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition characterized by physical and psychological symptoms associated with menstruation. The symptoms disappear once menstruation begins.


As you know, the skin begins to soften, loosen and wrinkle with increasing age. The vagina goes through the same process, as well. Particularly in the postpartum period...

Travel During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers should go through a doctor's check before going on vacation, inform their doctor about this, and not prefer very hot or very cold areas...

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum caused by a virus that is a member of the poxvirus family manifests itself with a mild lesion on the skin. It can spread from person to person through sexual intercourse and...